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Imagine Interactive Systems (Iminsys) is a software solutions provider with a variety of services meeting your business needs. These services include the development of mobi- and web-sites, mobile applications, custom software, data science, consultation and advertising.


We specialize in the creation of native mobile applications and mobile websites supported on all the popular platforms and devices including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

Mobile websites embrace fully responsive design and are created using only the latest and best technologies available such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQueryMobile, Tera-WURFL, and more to support for the full spectrum of handset devices available from low-end feature phones to high-end smartphones.

Data Science

We also specialize in analyzing a clients persistence frameworks with special attention to:

  • What ORM frameworks are used if any.
  • Custom persistence or ORM framework analysis
  • Normalization levels of relational databases
  • Query optimization
  • Traversal optimization
  • Lazy and eager loading
  • Domain model characteristics
  • Caching

Benchmarking is always a key priority for our clients. Questions asked are:
  • What is the performance of Hibernate with MySQL or Hibernate with PostgreSQL? 50GIG vs 500GIG vs 1T vs 100T and higher.
  • What is the performance of Hibernate with MySQL vs MongoDB with Spring Data?
  • Is relational the way to go? Or NoSql? Or an Object Database? Or a Column Store? Parallel Database?
  • Which databases integrates with sending raw data to Hadoop Clusters?
  • Which databases utilizes compression and why?

Finally we can also perform the following investigations:
  • Hardware Level: Hard disk types and their caches, RAID settings, etc.
  • Operating System Level: ext3 vs ext2 with PostgreSQL/MySQL, I/O scheduler levels, memory and CPU raw transfer speeds (baseline), raw disk transfer speeds, etc
  • Database Level: cache sizes, transaction settings, rollback options, etc

Custom Development

Analysis and Design
From analyzing requirements, to drawing up the right design and architecture.

Getting down to it is our passion here at Iminsys. In short, we love coding...

We provide consultation services that will help you make the right choice.


Meet The Team

Our team is a passionate group of people who are serious about delivering professional service of the highest quality.

  • Edrich van Loggerenberg
    Computer Scientist

    Edrich founded Imagine Interactive Systems in 2001 as a software development, consulting and research company. Experience in designing, implementing and deploying business and mobile software systems. Specialties: Software application design and development. Artificial Intelligence research. Expertise in Java, C++, .NET and PHP development environments.

    E-mail: edrich@iminsys.com

  • Robert Brink
    Computer Scientist

    From 2001 to 2005 Robert was a student at the University of Pretoria completing a B.Sc. Computer Science in 2003 and a B.Sc. (Hons) in 2005. His major subjects were Computer Science and Mathematics with a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence, Generic Programming, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Geometry and Discrete Mathematics. Robert was first employed as a software developer at a SMME to develop high performance digital security surveillance systems. From there he moved to one of the foremost banks in South Africa and worked in their credit risk department to improve and develop credit rating models for assigning scores to the credit worthiness of potential and existing clients. Since 2006 Robert has been a member of the Iminsys team as a senior software engineer working in a wide array of technologies, from the tried and tested to the bleeding edge, with his main roles being that of system architect and lead developer. Robert focuses on designing and developing generic frameworks within a business domain to aid rapid development of applications to address domain specific needs.

    E-mail: rbrink@iminsys.com

  • Pieter van Zyl
    Software Architect

    Pieter is a software architect with 13 years experience specializing in Java development environments. He has great knowledge on Java EE (Ejb,JSF,JMS),Spring and ORM frameworks and integrations. He has also worked on mobile projects(J2ME) and on the CSIR Scubuntu project where he modified the Ubuntu installer in Python. He has worked at Discovery, CSIR (where he did his MSc in Computer Science) and Tradestream/Devstream where he worked on retail integration's for clients like Edcon, Massmart and Woolworths. His research focuses on object persistence mechanisms (ORM tools, object databases. NoSql databases), with a specific focus on performance benchmarks and data storage in the cloud and specifically interested in the field of Data Science. He is part of the Espresso research group at the University of Pretoria and a maintainer of the open source performance benchmark project OO7J on Sourceforge. He is also involved with the OSS projects Dithaka, Coefficient, and DictionaryMaker. In his spare time he plays tennis and performs research for a possible Phd. UPeTD

    E-mail: pieter.vanzyl@iminsys.com

  • Morkel Theunissen
    DevOps Expert and Senior Software Developer

    Specialties:Software Engineering, Software Engineering Methodology & Processes

    E-mail: morkel.theunissen@iminsys.com



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    The NichePSO was developed as one of the first particle swarm optimization (PSO) approaches to locate multiple solutions to continuous optimization problems. The NichePSO forms subswarms from a main swarm, where each subswarm represents a single niche (or solution).


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